Love Rules Everything

Love Rules Everything

Love rules everything. Of all the various creeds and religious formulae rampant in the world, love seems to be the most sensible… What better version of oneself is there apart from the one the person loves most? Who better to be in relationships with than the people one loves? What better way is there to spend one’s time than spending it on what they love? It seems that the answer to these questions would follow common sense, but alas, sense isn’t common.

The most sensible way to determine whether something or someone is worth your time is to ask the simple question of whether or not that particular thing or person makes you happy. If it adds to your happiness, it adds to your overall well-being. If you feel fulfilled in life, you’re more likely to be content with it. And if you’re content with the life you live, it will be worth living.

Regardless, it is best to obey the dictates of logic, and following one’s heart is exactly that. In addition to being sensible, passion-driven living has the advantage of bearing no limits. That is to say, when pursuing something that one enjoys, development never stops. As skills sharpen and mastery widens, the activity becomes second nature to the doer. It is in this way that expertise is achieved.

One also has a never-ending source of motivation; love. Struggle is integral to success in all realms of endeavour. In order to reach optimum levels of performance in one thing or another, one has to suffer. Therefore, wouldn’t it be best to battle for a cause that would make one proud and satisfied? Shedding that blood, sweat and tears all turn out to be worth it when weighed along-side the fact that the purpose for which they are being spent brings happiness. The prize carries enough weight to render all effort expended in its pursuit as valid.

This way, it is even possible to unravel the full potential that one may possess. At a Quantum level, all that human beings are is energy. All biological activity that takes place can be reduced to cellular level, at which the only movement recognizable is in terms of electrical impulses and stimuli. Each human being has inside of them an energy reserve waiting to be utilized in one way or another… In fact, we use the term ‘potential’ in reference to this energy, the same term that is used to describe the electric capacity of an object in Physics. When we use this inner flame to set our interests ablaze, it becomes easier to unleash the full force of the burn.

Hence, love is the most reliable compass to use in navigating the journey of life. The right person to be is the person you’d love to be, as that is being the real you. Your soulmate is the person that you love for being them and loves you for being you. The right thing to get paid to do is the thing you love, as you’d offer the world excellent service and in return get paid in abundance (eventually). Love rules everything.


One thought on “Love Rules Everything

  1. What a fabulous article you wrote here. I also want to welcome and thank you for being a follower of Totally Inspired Mind! I love your very poignant word choice in regards to one’s mission of life and soul mate. You echo my feelings exactly.
    Privileged to meet you. I am glad that Totally Inspired Mind attracted you to it.
    You are exactly the type of Triple Winner I hope follows my blog.

    Paulette Le Pore Motzko

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